Cali Thornhill Dewitt's '29 Flags' References Contemporary US History

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: & hypebeast
Cali Thornhill DeWitt, the same artist who reportedly worked on Kanye West's incredibly popular 'Life of Pablo' merchandise, will soon be opening up his own exhibition, where artwork which considers contemporary American history will be showcased.

Titled '29 Flags,' the exhibition features a series of US flags hanging from the ceiling in a white room -- each emblazoned with statement lettering that states phrases like "LOOK OVER HERE," "LOS ANGELES DEATH PENALTY" and "TOTAL ANNIHILATION."

All of these come jumbled with a series of other words, which when not separated by punctuation, work to reference the messy politics and tragedies that have consumed America, as well as the way that events have been handled by the media. Cali Thornhill DeWitt's exhibition can be seen at 'Eighteen Gallery' in Cophenhagen until mid November.