The Caino Design MePas Dividers Dangle Elegantly to Define Space

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: cainodesign & trendir
The most common type of room divider is the sort that rests firmly erect on the floor -- a variety that is unlike the Caino Design MePas partitions in so many ways. All freestanding space separators tend to have substantial weight to them, allowing them to remain self-supporting and sturdy of frame and footing.

Unfortunately, such a look tends to clutter open-plan rooms and even use up the precious inches of a small apartment's area. But the exquisitely thin MePas metal panels maintain an ethereal lightness that decorates and delights even the most space-starved of rooms.

The delicate curtain-like screens appear to have been made of intricately patterned cut paper, when in fact they are of fine stainless steel sheets. Caino Design MePas dividers are available in elaborately ornamented models which mimic doilies, textiles and more modern motifs.