'Karhoo' Compares Cab Prices for Users with an Inclusive Database

 - May 10, 2016
References: karhoo & engadget
'Karhoo' compares cab prices for traditional taxi services and private cars. Currently limited to the UK, the app has a database of 80,000 drivers from a number of different companies. While the pricing system of Uber has prevented the popular app from being included in the mix, the Karhoo platform allows for any other company to connect to its database Taking a page from Uber's book, the app finds the user's location to show the closest taxis in their location while comparing competitive cab prices and allowing for a quicker and more anticipated arrival time. This works to the benefit of taxi companies as well because it allows them to see where consumer demand is through data sharing.

The app features a function which "provides the ability to pre-book a taxi, whether it's on the same day or up to a year in advance," giving it an edge to others on the market as well. Karhoo is looking to expand its service to over 100 cities globally, making it a great alternative to those who are mistrusting of, or not in the radius of ride-sharing services.