The C64 Mini Shrinks the Eighties Device to Handheld Size

 - Oct 9, 2017
References: producthunt & thec64
Though archaic by today's standards, the C64 was one of the most groundbreaking computers of the 80s, and the new C64 Mini celebrates that paradigm in computing by modernizing the system without abandoning its charm. As the name suggests, the C64 Mini is a scaled down version of the original computer, keeping the functionality virtually identical while shrinking it down to a size more in line with contemporary tech.

The C64 Mini still offers the retro charm of the model after which it's named. It boasts 64 kilobytes of RAM, color graphics, and tinglingly nostalgic synthesizer sound. However, it's been updated where it counts. Not only is the C64 Mini a 50 percent smaller replica, but it comes with modern amenities like high-definition output via HDMI, USB and mini USB ports, and 64 classic video games built directly onto it.