The Single-Use Butter Spoon is Both Delightful and Delicious

 - Nov 1, 2010   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: yankodesign
Designer Yeongkeun Jeong came up with this concept for butter-spreading goodness that will make your bread taste that much more delicious.

As a fan of butter, I love this idea, especially as it comes in four delightful flavors. The single-serving packaging includes a wooden spoon in the lid for eating on the go. The Butter Spoon saves you from toting around extra cutlery and spreads delectable buttery love.

Implications - In this on-the-go world, products across a variety of industries are getting the all-in-one makeover. The vast majority of consumers feel there is not enough time to do everything in a day, so multifunctional products that simplify lifestyles see a great deal of consumer interest.