Making Buttered Toast is Now Easier with This Ingenious Butter Cutter

Butter is a facet of life that people have come to know and love; it’s common practice for people to place butter inside the fridge for preservation, which results in the butter becoming too hard to spread. This conundrum can now be alleviated with this Japanese-made butter cutter.

The ‘Easy Butter Former’ transforms slabs of butter into small, curly threads, making the annoying act of cutting rock-like butter non-existent. This ingenious butter-slicer will save a lot of time for people on-the-go who need their daily cholesterol fix. Normally when a person’s in a hurry or just too impatient, they place the butter inside a microwave for a few seconds to melt, at which point is ends up becoming yellow sludge; with the Easy Butter Former, overly melted butter is a thing of the past.