Colombian broker dealer opens office in wholesale market

 - Apr 9, 2008
References: globalcdb & eltiempo
Global Securities Group, a colombian broker dealer based in Miami with presence around the globe, will start selling stocks in Corabastos, a popular wholesale market in Bogota, Colombia.

Very soon farmers who buy and sell potatoes, oranges, meat or lettuce will also trade stocks in their place of work. The reason of this strategic move by GSG is the recent stock boom generated by ECOPETROL, the largest company in the country and the principal petroleum company in Colombia. The 20% of its stock property belongs now to thousands of colombians who have no idea of how the stock market works (including myself).

CORABASTOS, is the main wholesale marketplace of the country moving aprox. 200,000 products each day. 10,000 tons of food are moving in this eclectic place moved by 12,500 vehicles daily according to El Tiempo.

A high risk, but also an incredible and exciting opportunity.
My thought: Well played.

Photo: Mauricio Moreno/ EL TIEMPO