balbek bureau's Bursa Hotel Mixes a Few Artistic Approaches

 - Mar 4, 2019
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The Bursa Hotel in Kyiv is a must-visit for tourists as it offers a striking design character. The space has been refurbished by balbek bureau architects.

The hospitality establishment consists of two buildings with historic value -- one is 100 years old, while the other one is 200. Given the age, the firm was careful and considered during the renovation processes, attempting to preserve key architectural details. The furnishing bears a distinctive modern edge which is boldly visible -- from the structural restaurant lighting system that boasts a series of luminous spheres to the vibrant orange L-shaped couch that is set on a small color-rich pedestal. This juxtaposition offers a worthwhile contrast for the overall aesthetic of the Bursa Hotel.

Photo Credits: Yevhenii Avramenko