The Burritob0t App is the Perfect Complement to the Tacocopter

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: burritob0t & dvice
The Tacocopter may have been a hoax, but the Burritob0t app is 100 percent real. This automated burrito maker was created by Marko Manriquez, a grad student at NYU. This humble robot doesn't actually fill and roll your burrito, but it is able to fill it with condiments.

The Burritob0t app has four different nozzles, each filled with essential burrito condiments. Customers can choose how much of each condiment they want in their burrito, and the robot will fill it accordingly. The Burritob0t app won't be replacing actual humans anytime soon in the kitchens of Mexican restaurants, but it's still an interesting invention nonetheless. Manriquez created the burrito robot for his thesis, but he also had another reason for making it, saying that he wanted to shed light on the interconnected systems surrounding the burrito.