The Titanium-Framed Burke 8 Can Be Compactly Folded In

The Burke 8 is the latest addition to the increasingly popular and constantly expanding market of compact folding bicycles. These bicycles are all designed for urban and short-distance use, as they can easily be taken aboard buses and trains before being used for shorter distances.

Developed by Seattle Cycles, this particular folding bicycle is framed in titanium and is extremely small and convenient. Its eye-catching appearance ensures that users don't have to compromise to their style on the go. In addition, the Burke 8 includes a variety of highly useful features including a rear bag, leather saddle and tiny fenders.

The Burke 8 can be folded down in less than 10 seconds to a package with a length of only 67 inches. It can be rolled along one wheel for added convenience, and weighs only 7 kg. These features make it an all-round top-notch folding bicycle.