L.A. Beast Did the Burger King Challenge in One Sitting and Lived

 - Apr 5, 2014
References: youtube & incrediblethings
You might think you love burgers but no one loves them as much as L.A. Beast, the guy who recently completed the Burger King Challenge. He drives up to the drive-thru at Burger King and orders one of every single burger on their menu. After attaching a shock collar to his neck and giving his roommate the remote, he begins to eat the entire mountain of burgers in one sitting.

Eating competitions, though they've been around for a long time, never seem to get old. What is so amusing about watching a human being devour enormous amounts of food until they're ready to burst? Whatever it is, it's amazing.

Who knows how this man managed to do the Burger King Challenge and survive -- at least he enjoyed it because those burgers are delicious!