This Adorable Bunny Top is Enough to Make You Hop for Joy

 - Jan 2, 2014
References: smoooothclothing
If you can’t get enough of cute animal videos on the Internet and you believe "squee" is a real word, then this bunny top is great for you. This top is perfect for a hopping rodent owner or someone who just can’t get enough cute in their life.

Now You don’t have to kill a cute rabbit to wear it’s adorable fur, but I wont judge you if you do. Hey, maybe you can take your irony to the next level by wearing this top under a rabbit fur coat. Just maybe keep an extra eye out for PETA.

This over-the-top adorable tank top has a vivid digital image of a fluffy white rabbit. The bunny top shows the little sweetie with its tiny pink tongue sticking out.