Bulldog Skincare for Men Boasts Sugarcane-Based Packaging

To complement the fact that all of its products are made with potent natural ingredients, Bulldog Skincare for Men created eco-friendly packaging that favors the use of plastic derived from responsibly grown Brazilian sugarcane. In comparison to traditional plastic, the bioplastic doesn't require anything more than natural rainfall to grow, which means that water is not wasted in the manufacturing process. Additionally, it is said that for every 100 tons of sugarcane plastic used for Bulldog's packaging, 309 tons of carbon dioxide is taken out of the environment.

Some of the natural skincare solutions made by Bulldog Skincare for Men include moisturizers, face scrubs and blemish treatments, which tackle concerns related to aging, sensitivity, oil control and more.

At the Pure Beauty Global Awards, Bulldog Skincare for Men has been recognized as a finalist in the Best New Design and Packaging category.