This Striking Key-Carrying Device is Easily Mounted to the Wall

 - Feb 23, 2013
References: amazon & store.gama-go
Forgetting where you left your keys is always a headache, and if you're looking for a fun and quirky place to store them, then you will absolutely love these raging bull key holders, which lets you get a bit quirky with your wall accessories.

Bulls are known for their strong, fierce and utterly forceful nature, and what better way to remind yourself to grab your keys than by having a bull's head staring right at you? This magnetic key holder is easily mounted to any wall, and is the perfect way for individuals to hang their keys in one tidy place.

Instead of going for an ordinary and plain holder design that you'll probably overlook and forget, this strikingly red bulls nose is just the thing to catch your attention before you step out the door.