Bulgaria 533 is Built from Brick, Wood, and Concrete

 - May 10, 2017
References: dellekamparq & archdaily
Dellekamp Arquitectos, a Mexican architecture studio, built Bulgaria 533 with young families in mind. The middle class housing development in Mexico City offers several different formats for apartments, and its goal is to provide families a high standard of materiality and spatiality that they can nonetheless afford.

On the point of materiality, Bulgaria 533 combines several different building materials. The roofs of the hallways and balconies are crafted from red bricks cast in a vaulted formation, giving the building a Victorian feel. This is then offset by stark concrete and wooden accents, a different but equally attractive stylistic reference.

Spatially, the apartment complex offers one-, two-, or three-bedroom units. These units have either balcony access or private access to a rooftop garden terrace, giving each family in the building adequate access to outdoor space.