This Unique Abode Aims to Help People Live on the Planet Mars

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: 3dprint & dezeen
French 3D-printing company FABulous created these bubble homes that will allow people to live on Mars. With the help of a deticated team of scientists and architects, this conceptual idea was produced.

The bubble homes are a creative half underground circular abode that brings the human race even closer to living on another planet. Titled 'The Sfero' each home contains a dual-dome structure. The external dome shields the interior dome with a protective layer of water. The houses are accessed by creatively designed tunnels.

Inside the homes, there are two levels which resemble a modern urban housing structure. While this idea is still conceptual, the team is hopeful to bring the sketches into the real world sometime in the near future. The unique material and process of using a 3D printer conjures hope for The Sfero.