The Brush Pearl Cleaner is a Tiny Dishwasher for Your Brushes

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: brushpearl & allure
The Brush Pearl cleaner is a modern device that is sleek in design and functionality. This miniature cleaner, works like a dishwasher to give makeup brushes a quality clean.

This device uses ultrasonic technology that sends sound waves through the water which vibrates the dirt off cosmetic brushes. To use the Brush Pearl, fill the brush tank with water as well as Brush Pearl cleaner. After filling the tank, slide your makeup brushes into the suggested slots, close the lid and select a cleaning cycle which varies from five to ten minutes. After the timer goes off, refill the grim-filled water with clean and water and begin the rinse cycle which leads into a simple air dry on a flat surface.

The Brush Pearl makes cleaning brushes as easy as doing laundry.