Bronze by Lionel Arnaudie is Eerily Statuesque

 - Dec 17, 2013
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The photo series titled Bronze by Lionel Arnaudie, a photographer based in Paris, France, is inspired by classical busts and statues casted in, as the name gives away, bronze. Yet in place of sculptures, this series involves real humans who have been eerily painted in the immortalizing color so as to trick the casual observer.

What makes Bronze by Lionel Arnaudie even more arresting, however, are the dated costumes used throughout. From a traditional general's uniform to ruffled collars and strict jackets, it really looks like these men are from another era. Even the grooming harks back to another time period.

Shot against a dark backdrop, the subjects that make up Bronze by Lionel Arnaudie appears to fade away, yet their face shine subtly to make them stand out.