The Brick Bible Tells the Story of the Old Testament in Toy Blocks

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: bricktestament & forevergeek
Some may find the Christian religious text to be just a little too wordy which is where a more contemporary publication like the Brick Bible can come in handy. Skilled LEGO sculptor Brendan Powell Smith has created almost 5,000 scenes from the Good Book over the past decade of his career, and a small edited down selection are now featured in print in an unusual form of an illustrated Old Testament.

The master builder used his collection of figurines, toy bricks and theme pieces to reconstruct the stories of God, Jesus, Moses and Adam and Eve. Dioramas of the creation of the universe, the parting of the Red Sea and more were photographed and compiled as the Brick Bible to recount a playful rendition of accounts 2,000 years in the past.