Brezza Wine Labels are Whimsical Representations of a Gentle Breeze

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: & thedieline
Design students Javier Torres Gonzalez and Carlos Alberto Montano were charged with the task of creating a fictional brand and packaging concept based on childhood memories. The duo selected the change of seasons as their subject and placed a particular focus on nature's breeze. The result was Brezza wine, which sports some fetching and vibrant labels.

Each label and variety of wine attempts to mimic the intoxicating feeling of a year's worth of breezes. From the hot, humid winds of the summer months to the brisk and bitter gusts that accompany the winter, Brezza Wine creates four individual seasonal atmospheres through it's whimsical aesthetics. Each of the four varieties of wine boast a a soft, imaginative label that evokes memories of each seasonal breeze playing across your skin.

Vivid, calming and vibrant, Brezza wine offers a year-long experience.