The BrewPi Maintains the Temperature of Brewing without Surveillance

 - Oct 11, 2012
References: geek & newlaunches
Making your own beer is definitely fun but not as easy as one may believe, which is why Dutch homebrew enthusiast Elco Jacobs created the BrewPi to make the task more simple.

Those who have tried to brew their own batch of tasty booze at home will understand the difficulties of making even a single bag of hops. The labor-intensive feat includes a lot of stirring, watching, sieving and reboiling. One of the most important parts of making beer, which also requires the most attention, is maintaining a set temperature throughout the cooking process. BrewPi was created from a Raspberry Pi computer and has been modified to be able to "control the temperature of fermenting beer to within 0.1 degrees of desired temperature." This allows brewers to walk away freely and sop fidgeting with the heat dial on the stoves. Believe it or not, the fermenting and bottling process afterwards is the easiest part.