Synergy Has Developed a Range of Bread Flavor Enhancer Pastes

 - Apr 7, 2015
References: bakeryandsnacks
Synergy Flavors is a UK-based company producing flavorings, extracts and essences that recently announced it had developed a selection of bread flavor enhancer products.

Hoping to cater to specialty bread purveyors, Synergy has created a range of flavorings with the intent to stand out on supermarket shelves. Current flavors announced include BBQ, tomato, Mediterranean, garlic and herb, chili and olive. The flavor pastes can be incorporated into the recipes of countless bakery items, from loaves and baguettes to flatbread, wraps and naan, while it can also be applied to the exterior of the baked goods.

The expansion of Synergy into the market of artisanal bread is a clever move likely informed by the progression of food branding toward all-natural, small-batch aesthetics and philosophies.