The BRDGLab Top Down Design is a Stunning View of Toronto

 - Oct 1, 2012
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The BRDGLab Top Down is an artistic installation that deconstructs how people view the urban downtown core of Toronto.

The exhibit was collectively designed by four architecture students from the University of Waterloo: Taylor Davey, Katherine Kovalcik, Stephanie Koltun and Samantha Eby.

Together, the four students used tubes made out of cardboard and placed acrylic rods in them to represent the buildings that litter the streets. Altogether the BRDHLab Top Down sculpture is what the students refer to as "a representative topographic model of the city's building heights."

Viewers were able to walk among the tubes and peer at the crystalline city as it glimmered from the reflection of the lights. At night, the installation became a truly breathtaking example of Toronto's urban landscape.