Braille-Equipped Electronic Readers Let the Blind Use Smartphones

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: healthzone & healthzone
While it may have been a rough road, advances in technology are allowing the visually-impaired to make better use of their smartphones and computers using new Braille-equipped electronic readers.

The abundance of information attainable via tablets and smartphones was previously extremely difficult to access for those who cannot read print. With the invention and advancement of Braille-equipped electronic readers, a blind individual can use their hand-held gadgets independently.

Anything typed directly on to any computer, smartphone or tablet is converted into Braille, which can then be read by touch on a separate portable device. This device is known as a refreshable Braille display and uses Bluetooth to connect to the individual's device.

Technological advancements in Braille-equipped electronic readers are rapidly increasing and many have now become pocket-sized. Apple is one of the many companies making excellent use of these tools as all of their products are compatible for Braille.

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