David Pankhurst's 'Audrey' Gives Blind People a Low-Cost Alternative

 - Dec 30, 2011
References: utopiamechanicus & technewsdaily
David Pankhurst, author of the blog Utopia Mechanicus, has designed the Refreshable Braille Display, which will help the visually impaired use their computers and read content off of the Internet much more easily.

According to Pankhurst, typical Braille display devices cost about $7,000 -- much too expensive for most blind people. His solution is a new device, the Refreshable Braille Display -- which he calls 'Audrey,' after his mother -- that will display computer data on a small center window. Braille letters are displayed on a small 3x2 grid underneath the user's fingers, describes TechNewsDaily.

By using less materials and simplifying the design, Pankhurst has managed to design the Refreshable Braille Display so that it is low-cost. In fact, he estimates that a 40-character display will cost only about $200 to make.

Currently, Pankhurst is trying to raise $1,500 on IndieGoGo to build prototypes of the device and start actual production.