The Bracketron TruRunner Protects Your Phone When You're Running

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: bracketron & tuaw
The Bracketron TruRunner is a handy pouch designed to carry and protect your phone when you're out on a run. The TruRunner is made of flexible elastic that lets the pouch expand to fit not just your phone but also your keys, wallet and other small valuables and hold them in place so that they don't bounce around and bother you while you run.

The TruRunner has an elastic strap that has a waterproof inner lining that keeps sweat and rain from coming into contact with your electronics and valuables. The strap allows for a comfortable fit and ensures that the pouch stays snugly attached to your waist and doesn't come loose.

The stand-out feature of the Bracketron TruRunner is a reflective tab on one side of the pouch. This small tab glows brightly when a light is shined on it, making it a handy tool for night-time runs.