The Gentleman Interest Bracket Bros Site is a Party

 - Jul 24, 2011
References: bracketbros & facebook
If you love sports, fights, parties and women and are always up for a little competition, the new Bracket Bros website is perfect for you. The "by men for men" page was created under the premise that, generally speaking, men tend to love bracket charts and rivalries. Working under a variety of categories, the site creates tournament-style match-ups of people, items and events, then pits them against one another to find a winner after five rounds. Some of the best brackets so far include a 'Best Moustache in Sports' competition and 'Best Movie to Watch Hungover.' The categories get much racier in the 'Wild' and 'Babes' sections of the website, but there is plenty of safe-for-work material to explore in the other areas.

Bracket Bros is a highly entertaining site, and offers interesting and hilarious categories that people of any gender can appreciate. The page is new and fresh, and already offers contests and giveaways via its Facebook page. I look forward to seeing what other great brackets these guys will come up with next, and who will win the ultimate Bracket of the Year prize.