Scoop Away Partnered with Lil BUB on a Special Box of Cat Litter

 - Apr 2, 2019
References: scoopaway & prnewswire
Scoop Away teamed up with Internet sensation Lil BUB to create a special-edition box of cat litter that's branded as "Lil BUB Approved." Lil BUB, a cat born with osteopetrosis, is known for being a "perma-kitten" and the subject of many memes. As such, Lil BUB has millions of followers on social media and helps to raise money for special needs pets.

With the help of Lil Bub, the Limited Edition Scoop Away Box helps to raise awareness for animal welfare. Scoop Away donated $5,000 to Lil BUB's BIG Fund for the ASPCA and the image of the Internet-famous cat will further help to collect funds to help animal organizations and homeless pets with special needs.

Image Credit: William Winchester Claytor