Teeter on the Bouy Chair by Evan Dewhirst Designs

 - Jun 7, 2009
References: evandewhirstdesigns & contemporist
The Buoy Chair by Evan Dewhirst may look unstable, but the opposite is true. What is different is the technique used to sit on this stool. With its rounded bottom, the chair itself is wobbly; however, the approach to using it is more on a leaf rather than a full plant.

An added bonus to the Buoy Chair is that one must make use of your stomach, back and leg muscles to maintain steadiness. This may be a good thing for a kitchen or waiting room; however, it could prove a little treacherous at a bar.

The chair of course is modeled after the bobbing buoy markers used in waterways to mark direction or hazards. Evan Dewhirst employs the help of a local craftsman from Brooklyn to turn the stool’s aluminum collars.