These Homemade Water Bottle Fizzies Clean Out Sport Drink Containers

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: popsugar & popsugar
This homemade and safe for everyday use bottle cleaner tablets are ideal for cleaning out sport drink containers and keeping them fresh for on-the-go use. All you need to make these fizzy tablets is a few simple ingredients.

Sometimes sport water bottles can collect a peculiar smell overtime due to bacteria and dirt build up. If you want your water bottle sanitized fast, these homemade fizzing tablets are a great way to get the job done in an instant. To make these tablets combine baking soda, citric acid, salt, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap into a bowl. The mixture should create a thick white paste that you can mold by hand into tiny tablets. Let the tablets dry and then pop one into a water-filled bottle for a quick cleaning. The baking soda will react and cause the tablet to fizz for a deep cleaning.