Reddit Users Collected This Series of Crazy Bad Movie Posters

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: messynessychic
This collection of bootleg movie posters will send tears streaming down your face. This stellar poster collection was recently posted to Reddit and shows the world what movie posters can look like in cinemas around the world when the theater can't afford to import the official Hollywood posters.

These oil-painted versions of famous Hollywood stars for bootleg screenings feature everything from Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, Halle Berry in Catwoman and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, are rendered virtually unrecognizable by these rudimentary interpretations.

These movie posters were collected from cinemas all around the world, from Ghana to China. The posters run the gamut from charming to utterly ridiculous and over the top. I'm sure the famous actors and actresses would get a chuckle out of their surreal, oil-painted lookalikes.