Bookshelf' by Ivan Zhang Curves and Collapses for Unique Usability

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: apostrophe-ivandesign & blog.leibal
It would have been wonderful enough for Bookshelf' by Ivan Zhang to embody just one clever feature that conventional storage systems lack; nevertheless, the whimsical wooden unit presents a pair of them. It may have an apparently minimalist structure and assembly, but you'll discover that this A'postrophe piece is far from a simple furnishing for stashing novels.

The shelving unit has thin and flexible timber ledges that are longer than the width of the frame. As a result, the panels bow -- preferably upwards -- causing their contents to tilt naturally. Consequently, there is no need for bookends. Crisscrossing cords increase the rigidity of the Bookshelf'. This is necessary since the top and bottom have hinges halfway across, enabling you to fold up the bookcase completely if need be.