BookMooch Website Encourages Literacy Through Free Books

 - Jun 14, 2007
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If you only try one new thing on the Internet this year, make sure that it's BookMooch. It's a fantastic website that offers it's users a chance to get free books while fostering literacy and a love of the written word. How does it work? It's simple. You join BookMooch and start searching their database for books you like and if a member has a book you're looking for, it will be sent to you completely free. How's that for a sweet deal? If you yourself have books you'd like to let others mooch from you, just list them on their website so others can have access to them. Often I find that I may only read a book once, but since I paid for it, I don't want to part with it. This website ensures that your books go to someone who wants them, and you can get fresh books for your own collection. They also have a toolbar that can be downloaded to check the Amazon catalogue for books you'd like as well as simplifying your book requests. BookMooch also lets you request books even if they are not in their database, and if the book is ever listed, you will be notified. Happy mooching everyone!