The Booklight by Kahyun Kim Blends in with its Bound Shelf Buddies

 - Sep 12, 2012
References: adesignaward & yankodesign
It may not be small, portable and equipped with a paper clip, but the Booklight by Kahyun Kim could still be defined as a reading light. Its very form has been inspired by the dimensions of a thick hardcover volume and its shape is ideal for stashing it within a packed bookshelf.

The structure of the device is comprised of an outer shell. It's a rectangular prism with one long edge and one short edge open. Another smaller prism sits inside of it and emits a bright white glow.

The illumination is activated when you tip the inner box slightly out of its setting, much like the way you would retrieve a novel from a bookcase. The Booklight by Kahyun Kim is a unique sort of fixture that boasts a space-saving factor and the benefit of the user's delight.