The Bokeh Kit for Cameras Creates Magical Nightscapes

 - Jan 31, 2011
References: photojojo &
The Bokeh Kit lets you easily shoot creative nighttime photographs with dazzling special effects. In Japanese, the word "bokeh" means "blurred," and this technique is one of the hottest themes in digital photography. Blurry fashion editorials and out-of-focus landscapes bring an evocative, mysterious and haunting mood to any image.

The Bokeh Kit consists of 21 black filters, which resemble stencils with various shaped cut-outs including airplanes, butterflies and paw prints. The filters simply attach to your DSLR camera lens with an elastic band.

By aiming your camera at a source of light, such as a candle, streetlight or even car headlights, and using a shallow depth of field setting, the results with the Bokeh filter are a softly blurred, glittery, twinkly fantasyland.

The entire Bokeh Kit costs only about $25 and also comes with a blank sheet for you to design your own custom filters by cutting out silhouettes of your choice.