Body Shop Packaging Assumes Rigid Geometries in Respecting Nature

 - Sep 3, 2012
References: lunyau & packagingoftheworld
The slightly stiff triangular prisms of this Body Shop packaging concept might make the bottles look a little more cookie-cutter than the brand usually sells. Interestingly, the scheme is actually quite clever as a means to express environmentally friendly priorities.

First of all, the three-sided equilateral shape is reminiscent of the universal recycling symbol, perhaps indicating that the material of the containers is eco-derived. What the prismic form also does for the product is make the bottles fit neatly together during transportation, saving space and lowering the costs and emissions of shipping. In addition to this clever tessellation stowing strategy, Lun Yau's proposal demonstrates that the receptacles can be stacked as well.

To complete the nature-loving aspects of Body Shop packaging, a handwritten typeface communicates an attentiveness throughout the manufacturing process.