Chicha's Bluefield Swizzle is Accented by the Butterfly Pea Flower

 - Jul 18, 2018
References: chichanyc & instagram
Chicha is a Mexican restaurant and bar in Brooklyn that serves a unique banana-flavored rum drink that goes by the name 'Bluefields Swizzle.' The standout cocktail creation boasts a creamy, all-white base—thanks to the addition of both coconut milk and cream—as well as a blue-tinted top layer due to the addition of the butterfly pea flower.

The blue butterfly pea flower has been used around the world as a dye, as well as a potent ingredient for its medicinal properties. The ingredient is becoming a popular one at the moment, thanks to its color-changing properties, which are activated by disrupted pH levels. The Bluefields Swizzle features a layer of the concentrated butterfly pea flower tea on top for an intense hit of color.