Aras Kazar's Blue Peace Yacht is a Seafaring Eco-Friendly Dream

 - Oct 19, 2011
References: araskazar & bornrich
Yacht manufacturer Aras Kazar has struck eco-friendly gold yet again with this solar-powered 42m motor yacht Blue Peace. Its sleek aerodynamic styling is eye-catching to say the least. The blue glass panes guarding the front and sides of the yacht are among its most breath-taking attributes. The inspiration for the design was a rare breed of fish known as the Piscis Volans or, as they're colloquially known, the flying fish.

Measuring an astounding 42 meters, the Blue Peace is capable of achieving a top speed of 60 knots. It derives almost a 100% of its power from solar energy and comes equipped with retractable solar wings, which can be unleashed when you need an extra boost of power. The rooms on board the yacht are large enough to accommodate six guests and a good amount of crew members.

Sure to tickle the fancy of any boating enthusiasts, the Blue Peace yacht brings eco-friendly luxury to the high seas.