HOYA’s Recharge Lens Coating Provides Blue Light Protection

 - Mar 17, 2015
References: mobileyez & adayinmotherhood
Most people can't imagine life without TVs, smartphones or computers, but looking at any of these devices wouldn't be possible with a healthy pair of eyes—this is where the HOYA Recharge blue light protection is important. Rather than having to give up the devices that you frequently use, this special lens coating helps to reduce the damaging effects of UV light on the eyes.

While we've become accustomed to wearing sunglasses for UV protection, these lenses don't show a tint in a way that's as obvious. Instead, this coating looks totally natural and blocks 100% of HEV light. HOYA notes: "Blue light is a natural part of the solar spectrum, but augmenting our exposure to blue light through artificial sources might have irreversible and dangerous consequences on our vision in the long term." As such, this special lens coating is recommended for adults and children as part of preventative treatment.