The Bloom Phytoplankton Farm Creates a Pleasant Environment for People

 - Apr 1, 2013
References: sitbonarchitectes & plusmood
Based on the anticipation for a possible rise in sea levels by around 16 centimeters, the Bloom Phytoplankton Farm endeavors to cleverly deal with global warming in the year 2050. Designed by Sitbon Architectes and intended for situation in the Indian Ocean, this project solves many problems in one innovative spherical shell.

The semi-submerged ball would be anchored to the sea bed, constantly monitoring the swell to determine tsunami activity. Inside, the enclosure houses several tanks and a structure that supports a culture of algae, absorbing excess carbon dioxide and releasing valuable oxygen.

The much-impacted continent of Asia will also benefit from built environments such as the Bloom Phytoplankton Farm, with so much land having been swallowed up by sea. This floating aquatic center would offer leisure areas like swimming pools, all accessed by boats.