The Bloated Stool has a Corpulent Cushion for Optimal Comfort

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: damiengernay & leibal
Stools are certainly convenient little furnishings. They offer a place to without occupying much space and they can be easily moved about the room. The Bloated Stool by Damien Gernay boasts the desirable features of your simple single-seater, yet it affords a comfort that most of its kind lack.

The basic wooden stool has been enhanced with leather upholstery that covers a soft and squishy foam. This compressible material takes on an inflated shape as it pushes against the tightly stretched and stitched animal hide. The result is a perfect black pillow that's inviting to the eyes and one's bottom. Even without a backrest, the four-legged Bloated Stool by Damien Gernay would be cozier and more comfortable than a great deal of chairs with additional support. And despite it's minimalist appearance, it's utterly charming.