The BLK Water Bottles Infuse H2O with Fulvic Trace Minerals

 - May 14, 2012
References: blkbeverages & blessthisstuff
The BLK beverages bring about a new approach to the consumption of spring water. While most bottles are translucent, allowing consumers to view crystal clear liquids, these bottles showcase a dark and almost opaque substance.

The BLK brand has concocted its own distinct take on the vending of H2O. The mixture is simple here with a single ingredient: fulvic trace minerals. These minerals are entirely natural, and have been known to spur the growth of plants via its speedy absorption of nutrients. It is this additive that instantly turns the water black, bringing a novel type of refreshment to the fore. The product is furthermore a healthy alternative with zero carbs, calories and sugar and a remarkably high pH level, furthering the enterprise's marketability.