Laithwaite’s is Taking Blind Wine Tasting to a New Level

 - Nov 4, 2016
References: metro & prexamples
A blind wine tasting typically consists of having people sample different types of wine without knowing anything about the wine itself or the bottle it came from. Laithwaite’s is putting a fresh new spin on this idea with its 'Tasting in the Dark.'

The blind tasting event is being hosted in London and will provide each taster with a set of military-grade night vision goggles to wear as they experience a 20-minute tour in an entirely pitch-black environment.

Beyond the sake of sheer novelty, Laithwaite’s is hosting this event because its experts believe that one's perception of wine can be altered when the senses are overlapped. Those who attend the Tasting in the Dark will likely experience that their sense of scent and taste is heightened while drinking the mystery wines offered.