This Slacktory Mashup Makes Music with Movie Bleeps and Bloops

 - Apr 23, 2013
References: youtube & laughingsquid
Have you ever noticed how computers in movies make tons of bleeps and bloops as audio cues that there's a computer in use? It's kind of weird that movie computers make constant bleeps and bloops, while the computer I'm typing this on is generally quiet as a mouse.

The movie mashup folks at YouTube channel Slacktory have noticed the bleeps and bloops too, and have made a really compelling musical mashup using nothing but those recognizable Hollywood computer sounds. The end result is a hypnotic mixture that sounds like a dubstep song played at half-speed. From serious Sci-Fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, to action movies like The Fast and the Furious and comedies like Superbad, it feels like every movie ever made has some sort bleeps and bloops in the soundtrack.