The 'Honcho Poncho' Blanket Design is Like Wearable Bedding

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: cascadedesigns & ippinka
At first glance, the 'Honcho Poncho' blanket design looks like a normal camping blanket, but it's only upon closer inspection that the true capabilities of the product are revealed.

Able to be worn on the body like a jacket or used as bedding, the 'Honcho Poncho' is warm and resistant to water, which makes it ideal for camping or in emergency situations. The lightweight design of the 'Honcho Poncho' makes it great for adults and children alike to wear in any outdoor situation where warmth is desired.

When night falls, the 'Honcho Poncho' blanket design can be used as bedding in a tent to help maximize the efficiency of the product. This makes it truly one of the more versatile pieces of camping equipment out there.