This Bjoern Ewers Series is Water-Like and Abstract

 - Jul 1, 2012
References: artflakes &
Berlin, Germany-based photographer, illustrator and art director Bjoern Ewers recently shot a series titled 'Crash' which, as its name might suggest, depicts smashed and crumpled sheets of shiny metal. From afar, these sheets resemble water in the way that light reflects off of the undulating ripples of their surfaces. Considering the photographs are staged pieces, this liquid-like effect may have been intentional on Ewers's part. If so, he's done a remarkable job at capturing just enough glare to pull off the watery effect while not allowing so much light in as to overshadow the metal.

The colors in these photographs are also stunning; looking through them is like peering through a kaleidoscope. Bjoern Ewers's deserves credit both for the concept behind this series and its execution.