This Startup is Using Technology to Make Trash Collection More Efficient

 - Apr 28, 2016
References: compology & fastcoexist
'Compology' is a San Francisco-based startup that is using garbage bin sensors to make trash collection more efficient. While many services have received a high-tech upgrade over the years, the process of collecting garbage from the curb has remained relatively unchanged for quite some time. Now technology is being used to make the process faster and less expensive.

Compology offers a unique service that involves installing sensors and tablets in the cab of each garbage truck. The sensors then take a picture of each garbage bin's contents in order to determine which cans need to be picked up. By analyzing each bin before the truck has stopped, the sensors allow collection trucks to better plan their routes. Overall, the system can help to save haulers about 40 percent of their normal operating costs.

While the smart garbage bin sensors are only designed for commercial and not residential use, the technology could helps to make trash collection significantly more efficient.