Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres is the Ultimate in Luxury Taste

 - Aug 1, 2011
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After his legendary Billionaire Champagne – which is worldwide completely sold out – luxury designer Leon Verres has now created a new object of desire. Whether in Dubai, or Moscow, whether in New York, Saint Tropez or Shanghai Billionaire Vodka from the house of Leon Verres Luxury Group is definitely a must-have in the home bars of the rich and beautiful of the world.

The price will make you feel just as dizzy as the liquor in the bottle as the Billionaire Vodka by Leon Verres costs a whopping 3.7 million dollars. Filled with five liters of purest and softest Vodka, the Billionaire Vodka dazzles with more than 3,000 real diamonds flash on each bottle.

To do honor to the Russian origin of vodka, the diamonds of the 3.7 million dollar bottle flaunt on a designer dress, which has been tailored to its body. According to a Russian recipe, it is distilled from pure wheat and crystal-clear water and filtered over and over. During this strictly secret process, it flows over diamonds worth millions of dollars.

The first collection will come on the market in precious, violet-tinted heavy glass. The bottle will be decorated by a handmade gold label and carry the famous writing: Billionaire Vodka. The capital "B" as well as the dots on the "i" consist of crystals from the house of Swarovski and will be placed by hand. The perfect finish is an innovative cork in futuristic design.