Billion Dollar-O-Gram 2013 Shows Figures of Money Earned or Spent

The Billion Dollar-o-gram 2013, created by a blog called Information is Beautiful, is to the point, informative and interactive. Infographics can get painstakingly time-consuming to create, especially if hand-drawn or if they have a complex lay-out, but this one uses a generative code, which hyperlinks each bubble to a specific and informative webpage.

Billion-dollar tax evasions, bailouts and trillion-dollar deficits inspired this interactive infographic. From information on the pharmaceutical market to the USA’s foreign debt, this webpage thoroughly touches upon many components of the America’s budget.

The color-coordinated bubbles indicate categories titled earning, fighting (war), giving (donations) and hustling (corporate) and more. The bubbles vary in size, visually representing the sum of money associated with each. Viewers can easily visualize the mind-boggling amount of money that was devoted to tax havens, debt and financial crises.