BiKN Conveniently Keeps Track of Lost Items

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: bikn & gizmag
The days of running around the house frantically for your keys are now over thanks to the BiKN.

BiKN is basically a tracking system that helps users locate their missing items or friends. It comes with an iPhone case that acts as a beacon and eight tags that can be attached to any chosen item/person. The case can track radio frequencies from the clips, so that means having both accessories charged is absolutely critical. BiKN has three different tracking modes as well: the first is the ‘find’ function that operates on an app, and is the basic GPS system that displays the location of the missing item on screen. There’s the ‘leash’ in which an alarm will sound should a child, or pet venture too far off the set distance limit. Finally, ‘page’ mode will alert others to get a move on.